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Description Inspired by Commander Keen's dopefish, a group of gaming enthusiasts set up a video game live streaming community many years ago. This community has drawn in many different people and formed a tight club that hangs around on an IRC channel where they talk about nearly everything and watch the stuff that a few streaming members share with the rest. Their website had not been updated in a very long time however, and was in dire need of one. Luckily, the community also contains a number of people experienced in development, me being one of them. While others performed research on what the new site needed and made themselves available for testing, I designed and programmed the new website. Its design focuses on simplicity as well as functionality. A recording of the new site's launch event, hosted by one of the community's streamers, is available on Dopelives's stream service, Vacker.
Link http://dopelives.com/
Year 2015


The streaming community Dopelives (mentioned above) naturally requires a service that handles the streaming part. While there are several public options available, such as Twitch and Hitbox, they all have a few downsides, such as delays or exclusively allowing gaming content. For a better alternative, one of the community's members set up a streaming service that we can use privately: Vacker. As one might expect, hosting a video streaming is not cheap, but Vacker has been such a great tool that members from the community donate roughly $175 each month through Patreon to keep it up and running.

In order to access Vacker's channels and OnDemand videos, it also needed a website. Happy to chip in, I designed and programmed one that suits our needs. The homepage offers a clean overview of the available streams and their viewers, allowing users to easily select the server that works best for them. The OnDemand allows a quick search and server selection, and provides high quality video streams through a player that utilises RTMP. Because chat interaction is a big part of the streams, I also developed a method to store and replay the IRC chat that took place during the stream.

http://vacker.tv/ Link
2015 Year


Description Gametact is the ultimate gaming community. Use a single profile to create all your guild or clan group pages to chat, organize events and more. Setting up your guild or clan group pages has never been easier. Extensive features such as a group board, image albums, forum, group chat and calendar are all included. No premium accounts or micro-transactions; everything free of cost. Within seconds your fully functional, low maintenance and adaptable group page is ready to go. You’re not limited to just one group either. Working from your personal profile you can create or join as many as you like.
Year 2012


My dad is a big guitar fanatic. His hobby causes him to get his hands on a lot of different guitars which occasionally get brought home. To keep the hobby somewhat affordable, some to the guitars get sold again after a while. To make the reselling go a bit easier, I've designed and developed GoedeGitaren.nl (Dutch for GoodGuitars.nl) for my dad. Through the site my dad can maintain his guitar collection and put the ones he's done with on sale. Description
http://goedegitaren.nl/ Link
2011 Year


Description In order to show off her work, artist Sarai van de Boel was in need of a website she could maintain herself through an easy-to-use CMS. Though her work is very artistic, the website itself has been given a clean and professional design to amplify the photos of her work and to convey a trustworthy feel.

Though the project initially started as an assignment for my bachelor's at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Sarai has hired me multiple times afterwards to keep the design up-to-date and to expand the site with features such as a second language and a blog.

Link http://sarai.nl/
Year 2011-2015


CSB was in need of a new, fresh and functional website to keep their pupils and their parents up to date of all the happenings regarding the school community. As such the site offers news articles and photo albums of recent events and delivers school schedule changes immediately on the visitor's screen. Besides that the school community provides information about what they offer and how things work for potential students.

To maintain the site, the administrators do not need any technical knowledge. The site offers the possibility to edit text or upload photos and other files without effort through a custom CMS (Content Managing System).

http://csb-amsterdam.nl/ Link
2010 Year
Falcon Interactive Copyright

Pro Build

Description Pro Build focuses on constructing business property and worked on a lot of buildings over the years, now on display for them to show off. To keep their site up-to-date, all information on the site is being maintained by a custom CMS (Content Managing System). This CMS works without back-end, meaning that the administrator can simply double-click on the text to turn it into an input field, make the desired changed and click on save.
W3C Compatible
Year 2009 - 2010

Audit navigator

During my employment at Technoberg the biggest project I worked on was Audit navigator. Initiated by Cygnus Atratus the goal of this web based application is to support accountants in risk management. For detailed information on this project, click on the link below. Description
http://www.audit-navigator.nl/ Link
2009 - 2010 Year

Souls of Destruction

Description The site for Souls of Destruction (SoD) is purely a personal side-project, not related to any business or income. SoD is a guild within the game World of Warcraft, maintained by some friends of mine. Although I'm not a gamer myself, building this site has been a fun challenge. While it might not be very advanced at the first glance, after logging in the site offers a broad arsenal of special features. The homepage, for example, has elements (such as a chatbox, comic updates, Last.fm feeds, etc.) that users can add, drag or delete in order to customise their page entirely to their wishes. All interaction with the site (including profile updates and forum posts) are being handled through AJAX, allowing users to experience smooth motions instead of entire page refreshes.
Year 2008-2009


Initiated by Homan, this site is used to promote Christmas lights. The site is fully built in Flash to allow smooth animations and effects such as the slide show presented on the homepage back when JavaScript and CSS did not suffice for this yet. Description
Mirror - May contain placeholder contents Link
Adobe Flash player Requires
2009 Year


Description Switch2 is a marketing company which focuses on corporate identities and images. This causes them to have a lot to show off, and that's exactly what their site does. Using Flash and XML I have created a dynamic and smooth image display which makes their broad portfolio easily accessible.
Link Mirror - May contain placeholder contents
Requires Adobe Flash player
Year 2009

M4 Yearbook

In my graduation year at the Mediacollege Amsterdam I was selected to work on the yearbook together with 4 other students. In this team I helped out with the development of the concept and some graphical work. My main task, however, was programming. Using ActionScript 2.0 I spent most of the time making everything work in the application. Afterwards I set up a script to convert all the content to the proper format and assemble an XML database for the Flash file to read. Description
M4 Yearbook Link
Adobe Flash player Requires
2009 Year


Description My first project during my employment at Technoberg was the website for ALL ROUND, a company that offers management assistance to other businesses. This website is based on Joomla and uses sIFR to display special fonts on computers that might not have that font natively installed.
Link http://www.all-round.nu/
Year 2009