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Description In order to watch live streams, people tend to rely on Flash player within a browser. As this is often not an ideal solution, the people of the Dopelives community (further described in the web portfolio) started using Livestreamer, which is a small program that opens streams in a desktop media player of choice. Not only is this much less wasteful computationally, it also allows people to customise the player exactly as they want.

The downside is that Livestreamer is only usable through command line, which is not very user-friendly to typical users, nor does it fully support Dopelives's stream service, Vacker. I have therefore developed an open-source graphical user interface that wraps Livestreamer and allows users to control and configure it with ease. Dopestreamer has been well received by the community and has been expanded with many nifty features, such as notifications when streams go live and a bookmark option for favourite channels.

Requires Java 8 or higher
Link https://github.com/tvkanters/Dopestreamer
Year 2014

UniCon UvA

As part of an assignment at the University of Amsterdam, a few classmates and I designed an app that allows users to quickly see where their friends are within the university. Using a complete database of access points in our building, as well as those in all other UvA and HvA buildings, we were able to use WiFi for energy-efficient indoor localisation. After the assignment, Philipp Beau joined me in making the app available to all students by developing the iOS version and helping out with the design, while I developed the Android version, installed the server environment and set up SMS authentication. Description
Android 2.3.3 or higher Requires
2014 Year

JAYS Headset Control

Description The Swedish company JAYS, focused on headphones and the like, wanted to provide their Android-using fans with something extra for the launch of their a-JAYS One+. Working closely together, JAYS and TVK Development have created a new and unique version of Headset Droid that lets users take control of their headset button. And to top it off, it's free!
Requires Android 2.2 or higher
Year 2011


NoBloat lets you delete unwanted apps that come pre-installed with your phone. Simply select the bloatware that you want to get rid of and click delete. By default, NoBloat will automatically place backups on your SD card which you can restore at any time.

NoBloat has a free version as well as a full version. The free version provides the basic functionality of getting rid of bloatware and making backups. The full version gives users the ability to create blacklists and to utilise a set of batch operations. The full version also lets you export and import your settings to use after wiping your device.

Android 1.6 or higher Requires
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tvkdevelopment.nobloat Link
2011 Year

Headset Droid

Headset Droid
Description The main concept of Headset Droid was to allow users to control their volume by long-pressing the next and previous buttons on their (wired) headset. Thanks to great user feedback I got motivated to add a lot of extra features. Examples are the ability to set different click combinations for each headset button to a large amount of different actions and having a caller announced through Text-to-Speech. To see the full list of features, please visit the link below.
Requires Android 2.2 or higher
Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tvk.headvol
Year 2011